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Electric Automatic Can Opener Hands-Free Auto Kitchen Tool

Electric Automatic Can Opener Hands-Free Auto Kitchen Tool

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  • Automatic Hands-Free Can Opener
  • Simple one-touch operation | Battery powered | Easy & safe
  • Glides on smoothly - no twisting, tugging or sharp edges
  • Great for right & left-handers | Works on most circular cans

Sore fingers and sharp, jagged can edges are a thing of the past with this automatic can opener. It takes the tugging, pulling and pain out of opening cans manually with a simple one-touch operation! Ideal for either left or right-handers, this can opener works on battery power and is not only a quick and easy option, but a safer and more hygienic one compared to your traditional steel can openers. The blade slides below the outside rim, so as it smoothly opens up your can, the blade never hits your food inside!



  • Automatic, hands-free can opener
  • Simple, one-touch operation
  • Just glide on can, press the handle and let it do all the work for you!
  • Battery powered design means you can take it anywhere
  • Adapts to cans of most sizes and shapes – great for either left or right-handers!
  • Safe and hygienic with NO sharp cutting edges!
  • The blade sits on lower edge of the outside rim so it never touches your food
  • Works on most circular shaped cans
  • 12 Month Warranty Against Defects


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